As a long-time aficionado of industrial design I wanted to showcase the breadth of structural connector solutions from Simpson Strong-Tie. Each purpose-built connector is the product of years of Design and Testing with strength and ease of installation at the top of the benefits list.

I had seen some work from the photographer Jim Golden, and thought his style and technique could be a great match for the brand. Jim is well-known for his collection photography, and his Vintage Camping Gear was one of the first pieces I saw. It turned out Jim G. was a huge fan of Simpson products, and he and his friends had been using them for years on remodels, new buildings and even skateboard ramps!

Vintage Camping Gear | Jim Golden

Vintage Camping Gear | Jim Golden

It started with a phone call to ask about his process, and it turned out to be straightforward. Send the product with some notes: must haves, like to, if there is space.

Two weeks, four pallets and several hundred pounds later, the product was received at the studio and ready for categorization and layout. The first step was to decide on a few anchor pieces to flow out from, and visually pace the remaining composition. Jim and I were able to determine these pieces a few days before the shoot, which gave him and the stylists time to think about the other shapes. I met Jim for the first time at the studio on shoot day, but it felt like I had known him for years. I was totally impressed with his team's talent and go-for-it professionalism. 

As complex as the shot looks in its precision, the whole shoot only took a day. Check out the "making of" video I made.